All about IC Engines of Motorbikes: Carburetor and FI System

Find in this article everything you need to know about IC Engine of Motorbikes. Also, here you will find detailed information about the carburetor and FI System. Prepared by: Er. Ashok Subedi, Mechanical Engineer ( Institute of Engineering) Dr. Durga Bastakoti, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering What is IC Engine? Internal Combustion(IC) Engine is a type […]

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Read in this article the detailed information about the second law of thermodynamics. Prepared by: Dr. Durga Bastakoti (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering) The first law of thermodynamics defines the mass conservation and energy conservation processes only but can’t define the direction of the processes. Precisely, the first law only defines the quantitative prospect and is […]